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It's time!  It's time to reopen your business and how better to do that than with a video that says it all - With Feeling!

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Sample:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeX53IdbMQE  


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Our professional video resume service puts your resume at the top of the stack in front of  a prospective employer. With a short, but dynamic, video summary of your skills, you will surpass your competition. We handle the production and placement on our YouTube Channel. Videos are listed as private or public.

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Our Services

Our Services

  • Videos listed public or privately
  • We take care of the creativity
  • Change the game to favor you
  • Special requests are welcome!

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Our Services

Our Services

In print, the QR Code allows for an employer to simply scan the Code Symbol to view your resume video. In a PDF or Word format, an employer may simply click on the URL.  Either way, you are seen in a new and dynamic light.

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A great resume tells your story. Omni will make it a great story.  Drop us a line and we will take you further than you thought possible. 

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